Evil Daze: You've not escaped. You are simply at liberty for the moment. Prepare accordingly.

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Evil Daze: You've not escaped. You are simply at liberty for the moment. Prepare accordingly.
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Spiteful mutants are the men in dresses demanding everyone pretend they are some third sex rather than a lunatic. These are the feminists who make war on the normal sexual relations of society. The people policing speech online and inflicting Diversity, Equity & Inclusion programs are spiteful mutants. These are the human defects slowly making life impossible in Western countries.

FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF) is the quintessential soy bugman. Rule of thumb – never trust a vegan who wears cargo shorts with white socks. His parents were Stanford professors and his mother is a Democrat NGO bundler. SBF funneled $50 million to Democrats in this midterm cycle, second only to the perennial heavyweight George Soros. “Effective altruism” + “democracy” = stealing from people to give to Democrats. He also fraudulently transferred FTX customer money into his own hedge fund Alameda, run by soy bugwoman ex-girlfriend Caroline Ellison. . . . .
At the peak of the bubble in Summer 2021, Sequoia plowed $214 million into FTX. As is custom with smug VCs, they announced their investment with a 13,000 word epic of self-congratulatory masturbatory propaganda fellating the brilliance of SBF. They have deleted the piece from their website to hide their embarrassment, but the internet never forgets and archived it in full here. The worst moment came when the partners were simping over SBF’s pitch, while he was simultaneously playing a video game. -- From Never Yet Melted » Leftie Rich Kids From the Best Schools, They Obviously Could Not Fail

The Core Battle Within the Republican Party - The Last Refuge | The people in control of Republican Club do not care who is in the White House, that is a secondary objective. What they care about right now is controlling the Republican corporation and stopping the hostile takeover.

Oliver Campbell on Twitter: "Alright, I'm going to explain what Elon Musk is likely doing over there at Twitter. This is not a discussion on whether it's RIGHT OR WRONG; just what's happening. If I'm wrong, I'm sure he'll pop up and say so. What Elon is engaged in is something called "Whaling and Culling."" / Twitter

Slapping Macron, because baby it hurts so good!

And yes, Islamic maniacs are still killing when they are numerous enough to get away with it. This cancer on the planet is still alive. You just don't hear about it much. Why is that? Jihadists execute 26 women for being 'witches' after claiming children suddenly died -

Obama stifles a fart at a news conference

That human pustule Obama Goes Jussie Smollett With a Fake Noose With four black-owned construction companies, which workers would be planting nooses? It’s a mystery, wrapped in an enigma, tied together with Bubba Wallace’s NASCAR pull rope which was also mistaken for a noose and led to an FBI investigation and media outrage.

ABYSSUS ABYSSUM INVOCAT Any nation that defies God will reap great tribulation, but woe to My Church who has held not the flag of the Kingdom where the nations could see it and be fortified. And woe to the shepherds in My Church who have not proclaimed My Kingship to My sheep. For all authority is Mine, but the shepherds have failed to proclaim My omnipotence and the surety of My every spoken word, and their silence cries out to Me.

Tuition at this shithole is $60,000 per year.Pejoratives Were Deployed - Gettysburg College has postponed a painting and writing event hosted by its Gender Sexuality and Resource Centre for people who are “Tired of white cis men.” The private Pennsylvania college offered the event as part of a peace and justice, or “P&J,” senior project, but has since postponed it after it was shared online. The event, originally scheduled for Saturday, Nov. 12, told people to “come paint and write about” how they are tired of straight, white men. The pieces from the event would then be displayed in the school’s dining hall for the campus to view.

Re: Taking knives to gun fights and trying to stab women and the moment known as "mag dump". Baltimore City anti-gun activist, Tyree Colion Moorehead, shot to death by police | Tyree Colion Moorehead, known for his anti-gun violence activism, died in a hail of violent gunfire on Nov. 6 around 3:40 p.m. Moorehead was fatally shot, by some accounts, roughly 13 times by law enforcement officers.  Responding to a 911 call, multiple members of the Baltimore Police Department (BPD) arrived at the intersection of North Fulton and Lafayette Avenues in the Sandtown, Winchester neighborhood of West Baltimore. They spotted Moorehead assaulting a woman at knifepoint, according to BPD Police Commissioner, Michael Harrison. Police say the altercation began when Moorehead approached a female and wrestled her to the ground.  "He then placed himself on top of the female armed with a very large knife," Harrison said. "The officer began to discharge his firearm at the suspect, who rolled over and disengaged from the female." [NB: Mag dumps will dampen your enthusiasm for stabbing women.]

Affectionately known for creating the "No Shoot Zone" initiative across the city, Moorehead, 46, memorialized victims of gun violence by spray painting the phrase wherever a shooting occurred.  Despite his advocacy, the family explained that Moorehead suffered from mental disorders.

On the Respect for Marriage Act |So what do we have? We have Christian Mothers, and Fathers, who gave their Children to the World. And the World overcame their Children to the lusts of the World. As Christian Mothers, and Fathers, they neglected their duty to their Children. They threw their Children in amongst the Wolves to devour them. Their Children have become the Wolves. What to do? What to do? I know, let’s throw the Wolves into the Church! Like the Church was so many swine to be driven over the cliff.

The New Gnostics | In earlier eras, social crises often ignited religious revivals; the United States has a rich history of Christian revivalism in periods of rapid social change. Nowadays, Christian conservatives like Rod Dreher bemoan the lack of religiosity among the young. Is this really the case, though? True, we don’t see an explosion of large tent meetings and fiery preachers touring the churches of the American Northeast, as in the 1830s. But that doesn’t tell the whole story. Older generations today may be missing a religious revival, of sorts, happening right under their own noses, or, perhaps one could say, inside their own pockets. Social media have replaced the tent as a space for conversion and salvation. Nineteenth-century postmillenarianism exhorted the faithful to cleanse society to prepare the way for Christ’s return; in the 2020s, millennials and zoomers seek to purify their testicles. Through ritual, through secret knowledge, through purification and removal of the self from the corrupting influence of fiat money, or patriarchy, or the white gaze, or seed oils, or social norms about adult human males drinking breast milk, the individual seekers hope to find enlightenment.