“Goodbye Kids:” To Hell in a BidenBasket

"Hate Thy Russkies" has been so successful that many of Biden's 81 Million dead voters are cheering nuclear war on. Clearly, since they are willing to elect a bowl floater as president to avoid "mean tweets" they are ready to go along with having the sun come to the surface of the earth.

“Goodbye Kids:” To Hell in a BidenBasket
A real ad from the early days of post-WWII atomic testing.

“The time has come when we are at war with NATO and the collective West.” -- Russian Russia's Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu

"In a while will the smilе on my face turn to plaster? Stick around while the clown who is sick does the trick of disaster For the race of my head and my face is moving much faster Is it strange I should change? I don't know, why don't you ask her?" – Neil Young, Mr. Soul

And the time has also come when the United States, led by a shadow government known collectively as “The White House,” is represented by a mouth-breathing, incontinent old man held together by his wife’s amalgam of instant oatmeal, neck bolts, baling wire, and Adderall suppositories. Thus, slowly the world turns and step by step, inch by inch,  heads right toward Niagra Falls.

Last night President Putin declared that he was ready to defend the territorial integrity of Russia by any means at hand. This morning the West's propaganda machines (aka The Media) wants its illiterati to think he's a power-crazed totalitarian and went to war with only the aim of conquering the Ukraine. That goal may or may not be true.  Most mouth-breathing morons in the “collective West” believe that Russia has done this “without provocation."

On the contrary, my dear Watson, the West has been poking the Russian bear for decades while pouring a full-tilt “Hate Russia” propaganda stream into the echoing brain-pans of their citizenry. Think of all the standard villains the Russians have replaced in our films and novels and other weapons of mass distraction over the last 20 years. Your standard villains such as, oh, "The Hun," "The Krauts," "The Nips," "The Korean Commies," "The Chinese Commies," "The Commies," "The Viet Cong," "The Black Panthers," "The Muslims," "The Mexican Banditos;" all have been replaced by "The Russian" (Mafia or Otherwise.)  This relentless demonization has been so successful that the West, with the "US White House" leading the parade, is heading right into the blind alley of nuclear destruction.

This "Hate Thy Russkies" has been so successful that many of Biden's 81 Million dead voters are cheering nuclear war on. Clearly, since they are willing to elect a floater as president to avoid mean tweets they are ready to go along with having the sun pay a visit to the surface of the earth.

Really? Let's review:

Just warms the cockles of your heart, doesn't it? Yes, it does, somewhere up to the warmth felt on the surface of the sun.

This morning “The White House” sent its depends-clad simulacrum into the DisUnited Nations to proclaim how pure the US is and how it never, ever invades and occupies foreign countries (Except for Yemen, Somalia, and a handful of others that we can lick with both hands giving a happy ending to Jill Biden, and yes, Ukraine). Watching Biden address the UN via his teleprompter was like watching Clarabell speak through his horn.

And the message was the same now as it was then, “Goodbye kids.”

Looking back at the seventy-odd years of life that have led me from that last Clarabell moment on the Howdy Doody show to seeing him again addressing the DisUnited Nations seems like some gigantic and terrible circle is being closed. And I do not mean on my own insignificant life, but the lives of all living things on the earth at this moment.

Hiroshima was obliterated on August 6th, 1945. I was born into this world 142 days later on December 26, 1945. No doubt about it, I am an atomic-age kid. I ducked and I covered. I went to the basement where the Civil Defense pre-packaged food and water were stored. I went there with my parents but it was, as were so many other things in those years, only a drill. My parents would have had a fallout shelter in the backyard like many others in Los Angeles in those years except for the fact that we had no backyard in Los Angeles.

When I’d lived long enough to escape the duck-and-cover crowd I found myself at the university just in time for Dr. Strangelove and the Cuban Missile Crisis. Those years and the years that came after were ones in which the specter of nuclear war never quite faded out of my mind until the fall of the Soviet Union.

Following the fall of the USSR, it would seem that the western powers in the form of NATO made a lot of promises to that shaky kleptocratic Russia that emerged from the rubble of the Communists. Over time it would seem that the West abrogated all those promises until Russia under Putin, rightly or wrongly, felt hemmed in and attacked. Russia is a proverbially paranoid nation but as the saying goes, “Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean you don’t have real enemies.”

And that is where we find ourselves on this day of September 22, 2022. On the one hand, we have a Russian leader who has declared that he will do anything and use any weapon to defend the territorial integrity of Russia. On the other, we have a drooling and incontinent “President” who is essentially a hand-puppet for his harridan wife, his crackhead son, and “The (Unelected to Anything) White House” threatening... Threatening... Threatening.

Threatening what, Joe? The death by fire of 100 million of your fellow Americans? I remind you that only “81 Million” hallucinatory Americans cast their hallucinatory votes for your illusory brain. You’ve got no mandate at all to kill the rest of the Americans, only those that voted for you and who will be proud to be incinerated on the altar of “At Least We Don’t Have to Read Mean Tweets from Out Mass Graves.”

An old true friend of mind is fond of reminding me that, “The day after a nuclear exchange of any kind, we will think of these days as ‘the good old days.’ ”

He’s right but I’m not ready to start thinking that way today. Are you?